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Just your standard frequently asked questions

What is cloud-init?

Cloud-init (official site) an open-source project supported by Canonical that is the defacto multi-distribution package that handles the early initialization of a cloud instance.

What is user data?

User-data is a powerful part of cloud-init that enables the end user to inject configuration options and/or scripts into the cloud-init process at provision time, which is used by cloud-init to do, well, whatever you want!

Who created Why? is a project led by Aaron Welch, a co-founder at, a bare metal cloud company that brings the automation experience of the cloud to bare metal servers and networks. We built because we have thousands of users who utilize cloud-init user-data every day, and when it fails or has problems, then it becomes our problem even if we are not the cause of the failure.

How does work?

Basically we store your cloud-init user data and provide you a url to reference. We give you a simple UI to create, save and edit snippets with validation and version control.

What will do in the future?

We love the power of cloud-init's pro features, and would love to make those easier to use. We also the public "official repository" aspect of Docker Hub (e.g. , and could see some of that making its way into